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Notification relevant to ARC

Organisation appropriately approved by other EU/EASA member state in accordance with subpart G of Annex I (part M) to Regulation 2042/2003 as revised - Notifications to ENAC in accordance with M.A.710 and M.A. 901 (or Part 21) provisions

Airworthiness review and ARC  issuance, extension of ARC validity for aircraft registered in Italy

An organisation appropriately approved in accordance with Part M Subpart G (CAMO) by other EU/EASA member State holding the privilege M.A.711(b) and/or the privilege M.A.711(a)4 (hereinafter referred as concerned CAMO-711 (b)) or a maintenance organisation appropriately approved in accordance with Part-145 with privilege 145.A.75(f) (hereinafter referred as concerned AMO-145-75(f)), or in accordance with Part-M Subpart F with privilege M.A.615(e) (hereinfater referred as concerned AMO-MF-615(e)) which, in respect of an Italian registered aircraft, intends:

  1. to perform, when the pertinent terms and conditions established by the applicable current regulatory provisions occur, an airworthiness review in accordance with M.A.710 and M.A.901(I)) provisions and issue an ARC under the provisions of respectively M.A.901(c)1 or M.A.901(e)1 or M.A.901(I));
  2. to extend an ARC (only CAMO under the provisions of M.A.901(c)2 or M.A.901(e)2 or M.A.901(f))

must be contracted, as applicable, by the relevant aircraft owner/operator (contractor) for such activities. The concerned organization holding the appropriate privileges, before proceeding with appropriate process for ARC issuance or, for CAMO organisations only, for the extensions in accordance with Part M provisions, is requested to be satisfied that references of the contractor correspond to the relevant information on the aircraft owner/operator reported in the pertinent registration certificate on board the aircraft or, only in respect of information on the aircraft operator , as detailed in the relevant leasing contract.

The concerned organization holding the appropriate privilege, within the appropriate time limits established in Part M, shall send to the Techinical Oversight Directorate, as applicable, in respect of Italian registerd aircraft:

  1. copy of the relevant ARC issued, (sse paragraphs M.A.710(f) / M.A.901(I)6),or
  2. copy of the relevant ARC extended (only CAMO organization when appropriate conditions occur, see paragraph M.A.710(f)); or
  3. the appropriate information concerning the inconclusive outcomes of the airworthiness review they carried out (sse paragraphs M.A.710(h) / M.A.901(I)7); or
  4. the appropriate information when the review of the relevant aircraft Maintenance Programme (MP) unmder M.A.901(I)5(b) shows discrepancies on the aircraftlinked to deficiencies in the content of the MP (sse paragraphs M.A.710(h) / M.A.901(I)7).

Alternatively, the concerned organisation can provide the above documentation/information to the competent ENAC Operations Departments which has been identified as addressee for the above purposes in the contractual agreement signed with aircraft owner/operator in accordance with appendix I to Part M, or in the document (work order, etc.) whereby the aircraft owner/operator (or his formally delegated representatives) has commissioned to the concerned CAMO activities for conducting airworthiness review according M.A.710 and issuing the ARC or, when applicable according to Part M, extending the ARC.

Copy of ARC issued or extended is sent to ENAC with appropriate communication. Such communication may be done using the Modello M.A.710(f)-INFO-ARC-CAMO (Italiano-Inglese) or as applicable Modello M.A.901(I)6-INFO-ARC-AMO (Italiano-Inglese) or in other way provided that information contained in the above form's are submitted. 

Recommendation for ARC issuance for aircraft registered in Italy

If in accordance with applicable provisions, a recommendation for the issuance of ARC is requested to be sent to ENAC (State of Registry Authority), the concerned CAMO holding the appropriate privilege (M.A.711(b)2, M.A.615(e)2, 145.A.75(f)2), or the independent CS formally approved by ENAC for such activities (M.A.901(g)), contracted by the aircraft owner/operator as resultingfrom aircraft registration certificate/leasing contract, shall deliver the recommendation, with all relevant substantiating documentation, to the above contractor who shall transmit them enclosed with the relevant application  (ENAC-MA-901 - Application for ARC issuance or Mod. ENAC-21A-174 - Application for CofA issuance) to the competent Enac Operations Departments, if known to him, or to Technical Oversight Directorate. The above CAMO or independent CS may carry out above activities on behalf of the aircraft owner/operator as resulting from aircraft registration certificate/leasing contract when formally delegated by him in writing (evidence of this delegation shall be provided enclosed with application)

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