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Allocation of traffic rights regarding Italy-Israel routes

Procedures regarding allocation of traffic rights for services to be started in Winter 16-17 and Summer 2017 will be issued probably within mid May.
Allocation procedures of traffic rights concerning services to be started in the current Summer 2016, currently governed by ENAC NOTICES prot no. 52594 dated 15/5/15 and prot. no. 25829 dated 11/3/16 will be effective up to 30/04/2016.

Starting from May 2016 traffic rights allocation for services to be started in the current Summer Season will be ruled by Enac Notice no. 41337 dated 20/04/2016 (available in italian language).

For information please do not hesitate to contact the Air Transport Development and Operating Lincensing Department at the following e-mail address: trasporto.aereo.licenze@enac.gov.it.

Page updated on April 21st, 2016

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