Non-EU Carriers - Charter flights (pax and cargo)


The application for charter flights, drafted on the Enac standard form "application for traffic rights" and available in the section reserved to the standard forms will have to be submitted to the e-mail address
Carriers applying for the first time to operate in Italy (or which had not been operating during the last two consequent IATA seasons) must submit to the Air Transport Development Division:

  • Foreign Operator Questionnaire available in the section reserved to the standard forms (FOQ validated by the Aeronautical Authorities of the applicant except for carriers registered in United States of America, Canada and Turkey) ;
  • Air Operator Certificate complete with the operations specifications;
  • Certificate of Registration, Airworthiness and Noise Certificate and ACAS II EGPWS equipments;
  • Insurance certificate, kept permanently valid and served to ENAC, issued according to E.U. Regulation 785/2004 and in compliance with the Enac standard form available in the section reserved to the standard forms;
  • Security program.

Deadlines for the submission of the application

For accreditation: at least 45 days before the date of flight

Applications for traffic rights concerning all inclusive tours, its own use and ad hoc flights must be submitted:

  • 5 days in advance in case of single flight;
  • 15 days in advance in case of series of flights;
  • at least 24 hours before the flight for TAXI flights;
  • in case of transport of ICAO dangerous goods classified "forbidden" the deadlines indicated in point 1) are high for additional 15 days.


The Application for Inclusive Tour and Special Event charter flights must contain:

  • copy of charter contract signed by the Airline and the Tour Operator;
  • the website address of the Tour Operators where are advertised and sold the required flights.

Application for transport of dangerous goods must contain:

  • copy of the charter agreement;
  • certified copy of the authorization granted by the Ministries or Public Authorities involved in the relevant transport of goods, whenever required;
  • shipper's declaration;
  • copy of the authorization granted by Aeronautical Authorities of origin or destination of the goods when required.

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