Non-EU Carriers - Scheduled Permission

In order to simplify the procedures concerning traffic rights permissions in favor of NON-EU Carriers operating scheduled services in Italy, please be advised that Enac will not authorized the following ad hoc operational modifications, not involving issues of the bilateral understandings:

  • rerouting which doesn't involve fifth freedom traffic rights:
  • additional flights;
  • change of aircraft (use of a different aircraft in respect of the one previously authorized, provided that the new one is listed in the Air Carrier Air Operator Certificate and included in the Insurance Certificate previously deposited);
  • change of operation date;
  • cancellation of services.

The above mentioned modifications must be notified to the email box, contextually the carrier will forward the same information to the airports authorities and institutions (Assoclearance and Airport Operator Society, etc.) interested in.

The carrier will receive communications and or information by Enac only if the flight cannot be operated as notified. Missing a reply by Enac the operational modifications are approved.

Operational modifications concerning periods of over two months of the IATA seasonal authorization granted, like additional flights, rerouting and/or use of leased aircrafts and /or other kind of operational modifications not included in the list above indicated must be previously authorized by Enac.

Any additional information/clarification, if needed, can be requested to Air Transport Development Dept. e-mail box, above referred.

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