At the airport

You can report your arrival once at the airport in order to receive the assistance booked.

There are call points inside and outside the terminal building, clearly indicated and in an accessible format.

The assistance staff will pick up the PRM at these points and, if necessary, help him/her to check in at the check-in desks. On the PRM’s request, the staff member will assist him/her all the way to the assigned seating on board the aircraft, accompanying the PRM through the various security and passport control points.

It is important to arrive at the airport by the time indicated by the airline, travel agent or tour operator.

If no precise indication is given, you must identify yourself at the call point not later than two hours before the flight departure time, or be there one hour before if you are going directly to the check-in counters.

Assistance at the airport

The airport managing body, through its specially trained staff, should enable PRMs to:

  • communicate their arrival at the airport at the designated points in the terminal buildings;
  • move from a designated point to the check-in desk;
  • check in and register baggage;
  • deal with emigration, customs and security procedures;
  • board the aircraft and disembark from the aircraft with the aid of lifts, wheelchairs etc.;
  • proceed from the aircraft door to their seats and vice versa;
  • stow and retrieve baggage and any wheelchair or other aid carried on board;
  • pick up baggage in the baggage hall, going through all the necessary checks;
  • be accompanied to a designated point;
  • reach connecting flights, with assistance within and between terminals;
  • move to the toilet facilities if required;
  • be assisted at the airport, upon request, by their accompanying person;
  • receive, subject to advance notice of 48 hours, ground handling of all necessary mobility equipment;
  • receive ground handling of recognised assistance dogs, where appropriate;
  • have access to essential flight information.

Upon arrival at the final destination or at a transit airport, dedicated staff will be present at landing to help the passenger, provided that the assistance has been duly booked.


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