Transfer of aero-medical records

Procedure for the transfer of medical data and medical documentation for the State of Licence Issue (SOLI) change of a flight license or an attestation and related ratings and certifications

This procedure concerns only the transfer of medical data and related medical records of flight license/certificate holders or ATCOs, issued by one of the EASA Member States, when applying for a Change of the State of Licence Issue (SOLI), either to ENAC or from ENAC to another EASA Member State Authority.

For full information about the SOLI procedure, please go to the  following link:

- SOLI procedure

The application of this procedure is assigned to ENAC Aeromedical Section (AMS).

ENAC AMS is responsible for this procedure. A formal request must be sent to start the SOLI procedure (see the relevant forms below).


How to apply for the transfer of medical records?

Relevant forms have to be sent, as listed below:

  1. Application form (together with attachment 1, attachment 2 and consent form); 
  2. Form for the transfer of medical records;
  3. Copy of the last medical certificate;
  4. Copy of a valid identity document (e.g.: passport).

Complete the forms with all the relevant information and remember to sign the form, when a sign  is requested.

How to send the forms?

The relevant documents may be submitted:

- via Certified Mail to the ENAC address if the applicant holds a certified electronic mail address (PEC);

- to the ENAC AMS email address if the applicant does not hold a PEC;

- to the postal address: ENAC - Aviation Regulation Directorate, Aeromedical Section, Viale Castro Pretorio n. 118 - 00185 Rome – Italy.


For email transmissions, forms must be forwarded in pdf format only.

It is not required to submit other documentation, such as medical reports, in addition to the one listed above.

When applying for a change of SOLI from Italy to another EASA Member State National Authority none payment is due.

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