Social Media Policy ENAC

Why ENAC is on the Social Networks

ENAC, the Italian Civil Aviation Authority, uses some social channels for institutional and public interest purposes, in order to immediately keep in touch with  the greatest number of users with whom to share, while enabling comments, information about its institutional services, upon its own activities and about initiatives and relevant topics of broad interest related to civil aviation world.

ENAC is, presently, on the following social networks:

  • Twitter, used as a tool for disseminating information about ENAC’s activities and related to the most interesting topics in the sector;
  • YouTube with the ENAC CHANNEL, an institutional channel by means of interviews, videos about either events (also in streaming) or about institutional campaigns carried out by ENAC are published;
  • Instagram, with the aim of sharing images and video news about ENAC’s activities;
  • Linkedin in light to develop and disseminate information and specific content related to the professional activities of the Italian Civil Aviation Authority.

Any other accounts referring to ENAC are not managed or authorized and shall be disregard.
The goal is to inform people, communicate with them, listen to citizens and enable discussion with them.
This document describes the ENAC Social Media Policy, the use of social media, the types of content published, the rules of behavior and, generally speaking, of Netiquette.

ENAC continues to use other information and communication channels, including

  • the website;
  • the toll-free number 800 898 121 (reachable from Italy);
  • the office for public relations;
  • the Press Office (exclusively for relations with the press).

How we manage Social Networks

Our social media channels are managed by the Heads of the Media Relations Unit, of the Institutional Communication Unit, by the President’s Spokesperson, with a Social Team composed of people assigned to these structures.

For the topics to share, we rely on the information provided by all the Departments that collaborate to help convey content of public interest.


What content we publish

  • News about the activities of ENAC, and/or about  events, services, projects and other ENAC’s and its top management initiatives;
  • Sharing of the main information published by means of our other communication channels;
  • Comments and retweets about topics of interest to the sector.

The information disclosed on the Social channels is not exhaustive and the content of the site is referred thereto, for a complete information.
With reference to the content outside ENAC, neither the Social Team nor ENAC itself are responsible, for any outdated or incorrect information, while, at the same time, paying due attention to sending retweets only from reliable sources. 

ENAC is not responsible for content posted by pages and profiles that belong to third parties.
Content such as photographs, videos and other multimedia material that overlap the ENAC copyright or the original ENAC texts can be reproduced by quoting the source.

However, their use for commercial purposes is forbidden.

The presence of advertising enclosed with the information published on social media are not under the control and responsibility of ENAC, but are generated independently by the network platforms.

How and when we interact on Social

We monitor the social profiles from Monday to Friday from 09:00 to 17:00. Service is not provided on Saturday, Sunday and public holidays.
We remind you that social channels cannot be used to send complaints and request assistance. If doing so please be advised that no answers will be provided.

We remind you that the channels to send requests for assistance or complaints are those reported in the Contact section of the ENAC website.

It is recommended to have a look at the FAQ section first.

ENAC, while highlighting that maximum participation and transparency is guaranteed, and intervenes only in order to avoid or prevent situations that violate this Policy, does not assume any responsibility for posts and messages published by third parties, particularly outside the timeframe during which the service is not granted. 

In this case, it is highlighted that the moderation will be done a posteriori, when reactivating the social channels monitoring.


Moderation and Netiquette

On ENAC's social channels everyone can express their free opinion, always following the good rules of education and relevant to the subject matter.

People who will interact with us will be responsible for the messages sent, for the content, they will post and for the opinions, they would like to express. We would like to invite everyone to present their views fairly and objectively keeping in mind, always, the "public interest" of the topics dealt with or proposed.

We also ask those in dialogue with us on social media to pay attention in entering personal information of their own or that could violate the privacy of third parties.

ENAC is not responsible for the truthfulness or otherwise of what should  be published on its channels by third parties.

ENAC reserves the right to remove any content that is   deemed  in violation of this Social Media Policy or any applicable law.

Insults, foul language, threats or attitudes that undermine people's dignity and the dignity of institutions, the rights of minorities and minors, the principles of freedom and equality will not be tolerated. In particular:

  • content that promotes, favors, or perpetuates discrimination based on sex, race, language, religion, political opinion, belief, age, marital status, status in relation to public assistance, nationality, physical or mental disability or sexual orientation or personal or social conditions;
  • information that may tend to compromise flight safety or the safety of public systems;
  • misleading content or which may create unjustified alarm;
  • content that violates the interests of legal property or third party rights including reputation;
  • sexual content or links to sexual content;
  • illicit content or that encourages you to perform illegal acts or illegal activities;
  • comments or posts that present personal data and / or particular data in violation of the EU regulation on privacy and the law on privacy;
  • personal data and / or particular data posted in comments or public posts.

Comments and content of the following kinds will be moderated:

  • comments not relevant to that particular topic published (off topic) and interventions inserted repeatedly;
  • comments in favor or against political campaigns or voting instructions;
  • comments and posts written with the aim either to disturb the discussion or to offend those who manage and moderate social media channels;
  • spam, advertising, promotion of private interests or information that violates copyright and that inappropriately use a registered trademark;
  • contents that may violate the right to privacy in particular with respect to pending litigation, internal correspondence and documents not yet made public or relating to ongoing proceedings.

For those who violate these conditions or those contained in the policy of the instruments adopted, we reserve the right to use the ban or block in order to prevent further interventions; this user’s behavior will be notified  to the platform managers and law enforcement agencies.

The authors of the removed content will be addressed by private message, if allowed by the platform used.

Personal data and privacy

We remind you that the processing of users' personal data responds to the policies in use on the platforms used (Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Linkedin).

The data and the interventions entered are visible and accessible by any user who accesses to social networks and, thus, can be indexed and being found by general search engines, also.
Sensitive data posted in comments or public posts on the ENAC social media channels will be removed in order to protect data subjects.

For further information please refer to: European General Regulation for the Protection of Personal Data - GDPR and Legislative Decree 2018/101.
For further information about ENAC’s privacy policy, please refer to the dedicated page on the site, in the “Portale Amministrazione Trasparente”.

Application of the European General Regulation for the Protection of Personal Data - GDPR

In application of the GDPR, ENAC’s social accounts do not collect or transfer the personal data of the users. Personal requests are addressed to other channels that manage relations with users.

Moreover, according to the GDPR, the social accounts managed by ENAC apply the "right to oblivion".

The particular form of guarantee ensure the non-diffusion, without particular reasons, of prejudicial precedents of a person's honor. 
At each solicitation by individual users, the Social Editors will work in order to eliminate any individual reference traceable in social media activities.

The social accounts, at least until the entry into force of a specific Italian law, respect the GDPR dictates that prevent the participation of under 16s without the approval of the parents.

The Internal Social Media Policy

The Internal Social Media Policy contains the main rules of behavior that who either work in ENAC, or have collaboration or consultancy relationships with, are invited to follow when using their personal social accounts, in order to safeguard ENAC, its institutional activities and people who work hereto.

Any individual profile of employees, collaborators and consultants of ENAC are managed on a personal basis and independently in compliance with the ENAC Code of Conduct and the Regulation laying down the code of conduct for public employees, pursuant to Article 54 of the Legislative Decree of 30 March 2001, n. 165.

In the event ones membership to ENAC is declared on social networks or otherwise should it either deducible from the user's profile or from the content of an intervention, we invite you to specify that the information published reflects your personal opinions and that the opinions expressed are personal and do not in any way engage ENAC’s  responsibility.

ENAC staff can freely share the contents distributed by the official ENAC channels on their private profiles, but cannot disseminate news and information about issues  they are aware due to their position, in compliance with the ENAC Code of Conduct.

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