The Registration in the Italian Register is allowed only for aircraft owned by EU citizens and EU Companies.

According to the Italian Navigation Code, the nationality of a Company is determined by the State of corporate registration AND by the nationality of the majority (≥ 51%) of the company capital holders. In case of non stock corporation, its nationality is determined by the nationality of the President, the majority of the Administrators and the managing Director.

The Legal Representative must declare the nationality of the Company according to the above mentioned criteria.

According to art. 756 para. 2 of the Italian Navigation Code, as an exception, an aircraft belonging to an extra EU citizen, can be registered in Italy if leased out to an EU Operator, authorized to use it under a Commercial License issued by ENAC.

The registration marks can be asked for in advance or at the same time of the registration.

Documents for reservation marks in advance:

Documents for registration:

  • ENAC Modulo IM, completed;
  • purchase contract, either in Italian language or translated, signed by the seller and by the purchaser. Both signatures must be certified in accordance with the Italian Law. If the contract is stipulated in Italy, it must be registered at an Italian Tax Office (Agenzia delle Entrate).
    If the aircraft was registered in an EU Register on behalf of the same owner, ENAC admits the statement of the previous registration Authority concerning the ownership. Only in this case the purchase contract is not required;
  • proof of the owner's nationality or citizenship: statement or copy of the ID card/passport;
  • copy of the applicant's ID document;
  • copy of the Form ENAC 21A-174 - "Issue Certificate of Airworthiness" produced to ENAC Operations Department;
  • de-registration or no-registration Certificate issued by the Authority of the State of the previous registration;
  • receipt of payment of € 136,00 (a/c MTOW < 5700 kg) or € 238,00 (a/c MTOW >= 5700 Kg) - see ENAC bank details.

The original documentation must be delivered to:

ENAC - National Aircraft Registration Unit
Viale Castro Pretorio, 118
00185 Roma, Italy

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