Autism - Moving through the airport

The ENAC project Autismo – In viaggio attraverso l'aeroporto (Autism – Moving through the airport) was conceived to facilitate air travel for autistic people. It is one of the many activities pursued by ENAC under its institutional mission to protect the rights of disabled passengers and persons.

The project was first launched as a pilot project on 23 November 2015 at Bari airport, with the support of the airport management company Società di Gestione Aeroporti di Puglia, the aim being to then extend the initiative to all the main airports through ASSAEROPORTI (the Italian association of airport managing bodies).

ENAC is one of the first civil aviation authorities in Europe to have launched a project specifically for individuals with autism.

The aim is to provide some simple advice to accompanying persons to help autistic children and adults to experience their journey with greater confidence, by allowing them to visit the airport in advance, with a procedure developed by ENAC in coordination with the airport managing bodies.

Airports participating in the initiative: Autismo, in viaggio attraverso l'aeroporto (in Italian language)


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