Part M Subpart F organizations

In common with other national civil aviation authorities of EASA Member States, ENAC approves organizations which provide reports and recommendations to rely on when issuing certificates.

Such organizations must comply with the relevant requirements and are subject to periodic audits by ENAC.

The following document lists some of these organizations approved by ENAC:

Please note that the lists are updated by ENAC bimonthly from the contents of relevant certificates of approval. 
The consultation has to be considered indicatively, taking into account involuntary inaccuracies. The person who consults these information, before taking any decision, is responsible to check them directly with the concerned approved company or with ENAC, in order to verify the current valid certificates of approval issued by ENAC as well as the related documentation. 

A page where suspended AMO Part-M Subpart F organisations are listed is provided as well. Due to the different update frequency between the relevant published files, any time you are looking for an organisation in the file listing the approved AMO Part-M Subpart F's, you are therefore kindly invited to also take vision of the file of the Suspended AMO Part-M SubpartF organisations.

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