Are you an operator holding an operational authorization issued by a country neither belonging to EASA nor to EU?

- Non EASA/EU Operators

If you are an Operator with the principal place of business in a non EU/EASA member state who was granted an operational approval by your National Aviation Authority, please be aware that the regulation in force does not allow any type of conversion or recognition by the national civil aviation Authorities.

Please refer to the below listed scenarios:

  1. If you are already registered in a EU/EASA member state as an operator, you will have to submit an application for operational approval to the competent National Aviation Authority of the state of registration. Once the state of registration NAA will issue the operational approval you will need to apply for the Cross-border operations or operations outside the state of registration in accordance with Article 13 of EU reg. 2019/947 (see - EU member states/EASA countries operators).
  2. If you are not registered in a EU/EASA member state you will need to register on d-flight website as an operator and will then be able to apply for a new operational approval in the SPECIFIC category filling-in the application form and submitting it to the following e-mail address:

Note: For additional information please refer EASA website “Travelling with Drones” and the following EASA Linkedin webpage


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