Reports and complaints

In order to ensure the continuous monitoring of security procedures and measures applied at national airports as well as the immediate activation of investigations for the implementation of corrective actions in case of deficiencies, ENAC - Italian Civil Aviation Authority - has established a confidential reporting system for analyzing security information provided by sources such as passengers, operators etc.
Passengers, operators as well as, citizens, can send ENAC Security Regulation Dept. reports of abnormal situations noticed at national airports, concerning security issues (understood as prevention of acts of unlawful interference against civil aviation) related to the air transport of passengers, mail and cargo,
Reports and complaints can concern all measures and procedures foreseen in the Security National Programme implemented at the airport and any other situation that could involve a decrease in the security level.
Passengers , or anyone wishing to report or complaint on airport security , can send their security reports through the following online reporting form in the Passenger's Bill of Rights Section: Reporting Form Passenger's Bill of Rights.

Air carriers and airport operators may instead send their security reports through the eE-MOR / SEC reporting system.
All reports wil l be processed respecting the principle of confidentiality.

As an alternative to the online form, and only for reports concerning security matters , you can email the Security Regulation Dept . ( )
If you wish to be provided with a feedback on the issue you reported, please indicate your contact details.

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