Aircraft Maintenance Licence - AML


Authorized Certifying Staff (CS) and authorized Support Staff (SS) are qualified in accordance with the requirements of Annex III (Part-66) of Regulation (EU) no. 1321/2014, except as provided for in points M.A.801(c) and M.A.803 of Annex I (Part-M), in points ML.A.801(c) and ML.A.803 of Annex Vb (Part-ML), CAO.A.040(b) and CAO.A.040(c) of Annex Vd (Part-CAO) and in points 145.A.30(j) and Appendix IV to Annex II (Part-145) of Regulation (EU) no. 1321/2014.

The achievement of the needed qualification is demonstrated by the issueance of the Aircraft Maintenance Licence (AML) as a Certifying Staff in accordance with Part-66.
The AML is issued using the EASA Form 26 (see Appendix VI to Part-66). The Italian numbering of the AML is coded with a 6digit progressive number preceded by the prefix IT.66, thus assuming the schema "IT.66.XXXXXX".
Further information on Part-66 and its interpretative and guidance material is available on the EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency) website in the Regulations section.

Foreign nationality Staff

Technicians of foreign nationality, applying to ENAC for the issuance of Italian Licence, will be subject to the procedure followed by people with Italian or EASA MS nationality.
As general information, ENAC invites any applicant to an Aircraft Maintenance Licence (AML) to take into account the following issues:

  • The application for issuance of an Italian AML is subject to evaluation and acceptance of the reasons that underlie the choice of ENAC as issuing Authority: being resident in Italy or working for an Italian maintenance organization are the primary reasons; any other application could be taken in to account, where there could be a convenience for an Italian air operator or other Italian organisations
  • The applicable national regulation and procedures related to the process of issuance and modification of the Licence are published only in Italian. Even if the Italian language skills are not binding, it is requested that the technician is able, directly or indirectly, to understand those texts and any other relevant document in Italian
  • Before the application for an AML to ENAC, a Codice Fiscale (italian personal tax code) shall be obtained from Agenzia delle Entrate
  • A Logbook containing all the required experience is requested (CAA-UK CAP741 is acceptable)

Details on requirements and procedures to submit the required basic experience could be retrieved at the page Esperienza Basica per l'ottenimento della LMA (AML) - Criteri di valutazione (Italian only)

What are the fees for obtaining the AML?

The fees for obtaining and modifying the AML are described in the ENAC Regolamento per le Tariffe (Italian only). The page Tariffe LMA (Italian only) shows, by way of example, a diagram with the fees for the typical processes related toAML. For more details and for processes not expressly mentioned on the above page, please refer to the ENAC Regolamento per le Tariffe (Italian only).

How long is the AML valid?

The AML is valid for 5 years from the date on which it was issued or amended. During this period it remains valid until it is rendered, suspended or revoked. The conditions for continued validity of an AML are explained in paragraph 66.A.40; in particular, the AML is valid only if the holder has signed it (ref. 66.A.40(d)(ii)).
The validity of the AML is not affected by the recent maintenance activities referred to in 66.A.20(b)2, whereas the possibility of exercising the its privileges (ref. GM 66.A.40) is affected. For the exercise of privileges see the next dedicated section.
For the renewal process of the AML please refer to the relevant page of the site that can be reached through the link proposed below (italian only). For any further clarification or for the assessment of the application for the AML you can refer to the ENAC Aeronautical Activities Office in charge.

What are the regulations and documentation to know?

  • Regulation (EU) no. 1321/2014 dated 26 th November 2014 as revised
  • ENAC technical regulation
  • EASA Web Site (e.g. for AD, AMC/GM, Decisions, etc.)


What are the privileges linked to the AML?

Privileges are those relating to the (sub-)categories listed in the AML, taking into account the ratings and limitations in the AML, as reported in paragraph 66.A.20(a).

The holder of an AML may use the related privileges within an Organisation approved in accordance with Regulation (EU) no 1321/2014 or, when required by Subpart H of Annex I (Part-M) or Subpart H of Annex Vb (Part-ML) to the Regulation (EU) no. 1321/2014, acting on its own (Independent CS) provided that the conditions of paragraph 66.A.20(b) are met.
Regarding the above, it must be taken into account that just holding a Part 66 AML with the relevant type/group ratings endorsed does not mean that the holder may be deemed authorised, or deem entitled, to act as Certifying Staff (CS) (or as Support Staff (SS) if employed by a maintenance organisation) under the (sub)categories listed in the LMA, and the ratings and limitations set out therein. The organisation is responsible for assessing the competence of the AML holder to certify the proper performance of maintenance on the specific aircraft before authorising him/her (Certification Authorisation) as a CS on behalf of the organisation. By analogy, the Independent CS first assesses its competence to certify the proper performance of maintenance on the specific aircraft when it intends to act as CS. In both cases, the conditions to be verified for the establishment of appropriate competence on the aircraft are set out in paragraphs 66.A.20(b)3, CAO.A.40 and 145.A.35 and related AMCs.
For further details please refer also to the Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ published by EASA related to Continuing Airworthiness.


What is the certification process?

In the following pages (most of them are in Italian only) are provided the main instructions regarding the possible phases/situations connected with the process of issuance and modification of the AML and its related sub-processes:

1. Rilascio della LMA
2. Conversione del CIT in LMA
3. Rinnovo della LMA
4. AML Verification
5. Aggiunta di una Categoria o Subcategoria
6. Aggiunta della Categoria C
7. Rimozione delle limitazioni
8. Conduzione Esami
9. Corsi di addestramento basico e crediti di esame sulle conoscenze basiche
10. Corsi di addestramento sul tipo
11. Aggiunta di una abilitazione per tipo
12. Variazioni dei dettagli personali riportati nella LMA
13. Sospensione, limitazione e revoca della LMA - Rinuncia alla LMA
14. Richiesta di sostituzione della LMA (Duplicato)
15. Trasferimento delle LMA tra Stati Membri

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